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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
I don't really care about the video. Fact of the matter is MMA is a sport that celebrates beating people up through as Uriah Faber (the son of "Christian hippies") called it [MMA] once "a simulated death match". It won't be long before real death matches become the norm. Nor will it be long before we see girls vs. guys, and kids vs. dogs, and etc...

Bible is clear: "nothing will be impossible for them", (Genesis 11:6) and there WILL be professed Christians also defending this, minimizing this or dismissing the validity of it because they are really "lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God" (2 Timothy 3:4). Thankfully Christ will probably, in HIS Grace, and only FOR His Grace, be back before it does get that bad, but MMA, though I admit I enjoy it is a fore picture of what is to come and a symptom of an even larger problem.

The day will arrive when MMA fans are bored with knock out/tap outs and their sinfully wicked hearts will desire more. It happened to the ROMANS, and if human beings are 1 thing they are certainly predictable.
I think you're being a little unfair on the Romans there there are a great many things that are less then true about The Games.

I'll be brief:

*Not all Gladiators were slaves by any stretch of the imagination
*The majority of Battles did not end in death if they were one-on-one
*Most one-on-one battles had more then one Ref, who could pause the fight (for example, if one lost the weapon, the Refs could conviscate the others weapon to level the field)
*Most of the deaths in the arena were accidental
*The killing of Christians, or others found offensive to the empire, were classed as State Punishment, and a perferable and arguably more humaine execution then those officially offered.
*The Games included Exhibition Fights, Drills, not unlike Military parades, and carnivals.

You'd only expect someone on the wrong side of the emporar, politically speaking, or a main event fighter to deliberately die during the performance.

Now I grant you, that they did battle reconstructions, that they often did group battles, and that the Arena in the Provinces was actually far more dangerous then those in Rome itself, as outside of the Ludus Magnus was entirely unofficial and ungoverned.

Most deaths were probably attributed to the lack of medical attention given injured fighters in the provinces, who then fought with handicapped and unhealed physical injuries.

Contrary to popular belief, these men were expensive to purchase, expensive to train, and expensive to provide for. They were well fed, infact very well fed, and very well kept, at least in Italy. If one got hurt, or fell sick, they would be given the best medical attention possible, because they were players in a very big business and it would be in the interests of the Ludus to make sure they were, pardon the pun, fighting fit.

The whole thing emerged NOT from wanting to enjoy violence at all, but as a middle eastern custom to mourn the dead. a Munera would be performed and effectively it would create the deceased wake. It was supposed to be about honouring the the same way, for example, you might host an MMA event in memory of someone and dedicate the funds to charity.

When you combine the Munera of the middle east, with the wrestling of south Europe, and through in Ex-Forces with weapons. You end up with a type of weaponized MMA...and the distinguishment between MMA and the Roman Games are not as ridgid as you think.

Forgive me...But I'm not sure I see what is so wrong about either...
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