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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I believe so...I also believe its not possible to guarentee things.

If, for example, you truely believed that "Life" was an inalienable right...explain those Africans who are born into unsustainable environments, through no fault of their parents.

If Life was always a right...noone would ever be able to die....because an "inalienable right" isnt supposed to be a created thing by man...but a fact from God.

So far, the only "right" I have really discerned is "intrinsic value" which is closest to "all men are born equal" I would say "All men are of intrinsic worth because they were made by God, and made in His Image"

but how much that worth is...and whether some are worth more then others, I can not say...except to say "you are worth more then many sparrows"

i agree with you, and maybe i am reading into this, but it seems are a disagreeing/bashing with the US Constitution ... if not, that is fine .. as i said earlier, every country is going to be different ... some people may like the idea of the US having the right to bear arms .. and may want to move there because of it .. some people may like the fact that in canada you can't be discriminated against based on your sexual orientation .. and move here ... again, not trying to stir the pot as i usually do, but just trying to see where you are getting at ..
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