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I just cant quite believe how many people turned up to hear the new peal of bells at Notre-Dame to celebrate Eight Hundred and Fifty Years...particularly, when I dont think much of the peal...European Bells just arent as...crisp and nice as British Bells...largely, believe it or not, because most of the original european bells were smelted down by the Nazi war machine during the second world war...I kid ye not...great source of munitions apparently

What is lovely, is that before they hung the bells in the towers, they had a mass of benediction...where they blessed the new bells, during which they had all the bells lined up all the way down the nave of the cathedral...they are large, that there wasnt very much room left for the congregation. Each one was sat on a lil platform. It looked really strange. The biggest was closest to the High Altar, and the smallest, basically at the Great West Door...but even the small ones, were like as tall as a man lol

And during the blessing itself...the Bishop would go past each bell, and strike it, to make it ring, so to speak! bong, Bong, Bong, down the Nave he went ahahaha

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