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Default UFN 35 Predictions

Derek Brunson
John Moraga
cole miller
isaac villiflag
trevor smith
vinc pichel
charlie brenneman
luke rockhold
lorenz larkin
tj dillashaw
justin edwards

Official fight card

Fight card

Middleweight Luke Rockhold vs. Constantinos Philippou
Featherweight Cole Miller vs. Sam Sicilia
Bantamweight T.J. Dillashaw vs. Mike Easton
Middleweight Lorenz Larkin vs. Brad Tavares
Middleweight Trevor Smith vs. Brian Houston
Welterweight Jason High vs. Adlan Amagov
Lightweight Ramsey Nijem vs. Justin Edwards
Middleweight Yoel Romero vs. Derek Brunson
Lightweight Vinc Pichel vs. Garrett Whiteley

Interesting note: I have to laugh at someone being called Constantinos Philippou, considering he was born on Cyprus. I dont know how many of you know about Cyprus, but its a divided Island in the med between Turkey and Greece, each state controls half the island and they are not always friendly with one another. The reason I find that funny, is because this fighters name is made up of two distinct city Turkish, One Greek.

Constantinople and Philippi

His parents must have a great sence of humour
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