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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
No, its true. If the wages of sin, any sin, in the eyes of GOD is death, then the only thing that is "good enough" is perfection. "Be Holy, for I Am Holy" is something he says a lot in the old testament. We CAN NOT be Holy, and only Holy will do.

Thats why we need Saving, and why we stand no chance alone.

Therefore from a Judgement point of view. Your either Sinful or Perfect. This is why noone can pass positively through Judgement without Christ having effectively relieved the person of the due sentance of death.

...and actually, when talking about sin...a lot of people do seem to forget that we all fall short of perfection, and so to rattle on about whose sin is the worse and things like that is a nonsence.

Unless of course you or Nathan is perfect. This is why when we tell people about sin, we should explain it, using this truth, rather then simply condemning. All basically stand condemned, but not all will suffer the penalty for that sin...and the reason thats the case IS the Gospel and why Christ is so important...that reason is the most important thing to remember in the universe.
You are the only one in this thread who has tried to compare one sin to another.
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