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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
1) In this case you assume that because we're talking about homosexuality the we have somehow elevated it above some other sin and that's not the case. Because this issues is particularly challenging for you it's normally your emotions that reign supreme over your intelligence. That's sad. You're a smart guy. It's rarely the content of your posts that are frustrating Dave.. it's the delivery.
1) Chuck, there are some people on this forum who believe just having same sexed attraction, not only makes you sinful, but means you cant be a Christian. Yes...some of the folk here believe that. Those with a Calvinistic Disposition have no problem in saying that...and so you will forgive me for not giving the benefit of the doubt. This is a warfare subject for me, because people with no knowledge of homosexuals, their actions, the stigma attached to it, the feelings, and the hurt and division it can create in their own families, somehow ARE able to spout a lot of cruel and hurtful things. Well, I am through putting up with that. So everytime someone rattles on about Homosexuality, I will shine the mirror in their face...and YOUR RIGHT Chuck, it makes me look arrogant...because it makes YOU feel a lot like how I feel when people like Nathan say things to me, that, may be truthful...but the delivery is shockingly appauling.

now THAT is what makes me upsets me. I am not worthy, because I am...not because of anything I might do...simply for having homosexual feelings.

What would people think if it came out that Matt Hughes has a gay guy moderating his Christian Section. If AaeJae never left, It wouldnt have happened.

Nathan made me feel like a dirty little secret that needed to be silenced.
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