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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
No, its true..
You missed the point Dave... and oddly enough my comment was all about YOU so I'm shocked you didn't get it.

You said "You see, as per usual...what you all forget is that GOD just sees Sin and Perfection."

The part that makes you arrogant, assumptive and wrong is in bold. ;)

You come across at times as an incredibly arrogant person. If somebody see's something differently than you they are wrong. Your statement comes across like this "You guys are ALL WRONG like NORMAL.. good thing I'm here to explain things to you".... That may or may not have been your intent but to me that was the message.

In this case you assume that because we're talking about homosexuality the we have somehow elevated it above some other sin and that's not the case. Because this issues is particularly challenging for you it's normally your emotions that reign supreme over your intelligence. That's sad. You're a smart guy. It's rarely the content of your posts that are frustrating Dave.. it's the delivery.

Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
An Ultimatum IS a Threat
Not it's not. Similar granted, but not the same.
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