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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
I don't pick on homosexual sin. Homosexual sin picks me. I see it everyday; on the news, on the computer, in the supermarket, at work, etc. Homosexuals are the ones placing themselves in the limelight though. And that is why it is so often debated. If there were another group lobbying for adulterers to be accepted as okay then that would probably be debated pretty heavily also. But, I haven't heard much from them.

Some Christians have to fight sinful urges everyday just like someone with homosexual tendencies who is trying to live a Christian life. Christian homosexuals aren't the only ones who have to remain celibate.
Yeah, if there was someone claiming that they were born as a polygamist and that adultery for them wasn't a sin because that's just the way "God made them," then I think most people on here would oppose that idea just as strongly as we oppose the claims that homosexuality is not a sin.

It's the militant closed-mindedness of the Gay Rights movement in America that is inventing these controversies, like the one with Phil Robertson. So, that's what gets the attention. It's not that we're picking on gays, it's that militant homosexuals are trying to rob Christians in America of our freedom to live our lives in accordance with our religious and moral convictions.
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