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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I feel shyte right now...but I think thats more to do with this mornings migrain then your twisting of any knife.

Nathan...though your saved, you still go through Judgement. Christ took the penalty away...not the judgement of it. You, like everyone, saved and non saved still await judgement after death. you've admitted we dont stop sinning just because we are christian, I dont understand why you make such a who-ha about one particular sin, and how the abstinance of that, or lack of it, should show about their eternity...whilst your own, and everyone elses, doesnt. Thats what ive never understood about you, and all those sinners, who pick on homosexual sin. A sin, like any other in the eyes of God.

Its only man who thinks differently.
I don't pick on homosexual sin. Homosexual sin picks me. I see it everyday; on the news, on the computer, in the supermarket, at work, etc. Homosexuals are the ones placing themselves in the limelight though. And that is why it is so often debated. If there were another group lobbying for adulterers to be accepted as okay then that would probably be debated pretty heavily also. But, I haven't heard much from them.

Some Christians have to fight sinful urges everyday just like someone with homosexual tendencies who is trying to live a Christian life. Christian homosexuals aren't the only ones who have to remain celibate.
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