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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
I guess I need to clarify (for the smart asses -adamt lol) what I mean by judging in this conversation. I mean judging other people's sin. I am not talking about judging whether someone is safe to babysit. Nor am I talking about judging whether someone is a false prophet, etc. I am talking about judging other people's sin.

The bible tells us to judge the sin of our brothers in Christ. So if this is a fellow member of your church then, yes, you are supposed to judge them in sin. If you believe them to be sinning then you should go to them in private first. If that doesn't work then get your church involved. But I don't believe we are to be judging other religions. Paul tells us that if they believe differently from us we are to embrace them, not to debate who is right or wrong, but embrace them as a brother in Christ and agree to disagree.

I also don't believe that we are to be out here attempting to judge non-believers. And we are warned not to cast our pearls to swine. There is a reason for that. There are times when it is better to remain silent. Like when those men questioned Jesus He refused to answer. I believe he refused because He knew that they were asking to cause conflict/strife. The bible also warns us of offending others with the word of God.
(Maybe this is what bothers me about Phil's comments. Boy did it cause conflict/strife. lol)

Also, I don't believe that quoting the bible or stating your beliefs is judging someone else's sin.

Nate, your example of the man going to the doctor, well, he went to the doctor for his opinion/advice. So if someone comes to you for religious/faith-based advice then that is a different situation. You are being invited to teach/judge sin.
i didn't meant to be a smartass, denise, in fact i am guilty of not having read this whole thread, i do have to stick to my guns that judging is judging, it doesn't matter to what degree and we all need to judge

in fairness though phil didn't judge anyone, he only did what you seem to be okay with and that is judging sin. Actually merely quoting the bible, and it wasn't just homosexuality he said was a sin.

the problem only arose when the homosexuals hit the ceiling cause they don't want their sin to be called sin

some of this is semantics--- i don't generally disagree with you very much, i imagine we agree more than either of us realize, but the fact remains that phil didn't judge anyone, he merely informed people what the bible had judged as sin
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