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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Does the bible not tell us not to judge others?
We are warned against hypocritical judging, yes. However, the Bible gives too much guidance on the proper discernment between good and evil to ever claim that judgment is unbiblical. What we should say is, "This what the Bible says…" That's simply proclaiming the truth and allowing GOD to do the judging.

If we stick to what the Bible says, without injecting our own opinions or agendas, then we are not judging anyone. GOD's Word is judging (and convicting) that person and they're likely not going to be happy about it. So the natural human response in this situation is to shoot the messenger, which is why Christians are so often blamed for what is actually the work of the Holy Spirit.

As far as saying that certain people can't be saved, it really just comes down to an attitude of repentance. A true follower of Christ will acknowledge that he/she is a sinner who is hopelessly corrupted and needs GOD to save them. However, someone who refuses to recognize their corruption and actually flaunts their sin as something good, then it is nearly impossible for that person to reach the true attitude of repentance necessary to be forgiven by GOD. That's not to say that they will never reach it, though.

Immorality creates a reprobate mind, which is a mind that no longer functions. Sexual sin destroys the mind and makes it nearly impossible for people to distinguish between good and evil. Only GOD can reverse the damage done to our minds by immorality, but we first need to recognize the immorality as wrong and stop fighting His attempts to heal us.

For example, let's say that you're a doctor and I'm one of your patients. I show up in your office one day with oozing sores all over my body that aren't healing and seem to be spreading everywhere and I'm leaking pus on everything I touch. While diagnosing me, you discover that I routinely bathe in raw sewage. You tell me that it's the constant exposure to human feces that is likely causing the infections and I respond with, "Don't judge me! You have no right to tell me what to do with my life!" Now, how stupid would someone have to be to respond to a doctor like that in that situation? Pretty stupid. Well, that's exactly how an immoral person is responding to GOD when they refuse to recognize their immoral actions as sin. Just as a doctor can't heal a rebellious patient who ignores all of that doctor's advice, GOD won't forgive a rebellious person who calls GOD a liar when it comes to His standards on sin.

If Phil had simply kept silent about the Biblical truth of homosexuality, to keep from offending people, then that would be exactly the same as denying that truth. We are commanded to proclaim the truth, even if it offends people or is unpopular. In fact, we are told that GOD's truth will always be unpopular and offensive in this fallen world. I've never understood this notion that Christians should never offend people, when Jesus was so offensive that He was put to death and His is the example we are supposed to follow.

I actually respect Phil Robertson a lot for how fearlessly he proclaims the Gospel and I often wish that I had his level of courage. Too often I find myself keeping quiet about the Gospel for fear of offending people or causing controversy. Does that make me a hypocrite? Of course it does; but we're all hypocrites on some level. However, as one preacher put it, if you allow a hypocrite to get between you and GOD, then the hypocrite is closer to GOD than you are.
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