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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
I can't stand the complete hypocritical stance on judging.

First off, everyone want's to be judged. They just want to only be judged as good. Think about it, when's the last time you heard someone famous say don't judge me. What people really mean to say is 'don't tell me I am wrong", what sodomites mean to say is, don't judge us as wrong, judge us as right, but that is still judging. In fact they are asking you to judge right. Our entire life is one constant judgment. If some creepy old man showed up acting weird and offered to babysit for you, I would hope you would judge him. Judging is what keeps people safe. If it weren't for judging, there would be no such things as celebrities. Hollywood is based on people who succeeded based on the judgment of millions of people. How can they begin to ask people not to judge.

Secondly, if you read matthew chapter 7 where it says the famous, don't judge lest ye be judged quote, well if you read it a little bit further, Jesus goes on to command us to judge. To be aware of false prophets, but to judge them by their fruits. How can you be aware of false prophets if you don't judge.

Thirdly, seriously, would you want to be judged by me, or do you want to be judged by God? If I tell you sinners go to hell, it's not so bad, but when you hear God tell you sinners go to hell, then it's too late for you. I am not the one who sets universal standards of morality, God is. When people try to say, Hey, I decided I am going to change the rules of morality, they are out of line. They don't get to decide what is good and evil.
Judging whether someone is safe to stay with your children is not even close to the same thing as trying to judge whether or not someone is going to Heaven.
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