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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Thankfully YOUR condemned and heading for judgement also

You see, as per usual...what you all forget is that GOD just sees Sin and Perfection. GOD makes no distinguishment between a homosexual and a liar, or someone who is deceitful.

Do you still tell lies Nathan? After being you still dable in conceit? Is that not a life style of sin Nathan?

What is YOUR Sin Nathan? Do you brush things under the carpet? Do you care more about your reputation and those of your associates then you do about expressing the truth?

Face the truth if you are actually brave enough, and condemn yourself like you know you should. Only then will you see that you also need saving. Yes...far from being are standing shoulder to shoulder with all those rampent homosexuals.

Its a Good job that Christ died in my place, because heaven knows, that is the only way I get to heaven. Jesus knows what I have done to deserve death. "born in sin, come on in"

I think you should watch this clip.
Dave no one is condemning anyone. Nate and Phil was making the same point. Nates a sinner Phil's a sinner I am we all are. Your sins are no worse than mine, nates or Phil's. We're all the same, but here's tha good news! We can all be forgiven. It's the same for everyone no matter what you've done.
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