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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
yeah .. its just my opinion .. imo, dana does what's best for the ufc making money, so promoting certain fighters he thinks are going to be lucrative for the ufc is what he is going to do ... look at the last card .. rousy got fotn, which she probably deserved, but he also gave her sub of the night .. it was a good sub, but wasn't anything special ... jim miller imo, subbing a bjj black belt again was more impressive ... but now dana can say she is a sub of the night and fight of the night winner, just to give the women's division more promotion
Agree, the UFC is a business and it is run that way more than a sport. I think Ronda got sub of the night because it was a bigger name whom she subbed. You are right, Miller's is more impressive when looking at credentials and also the fact that we all knew the armbar was coming from Ronda.
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