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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
That's your opinion and mine is different. If PPV numbers were an issue, then why did this fight cost more, to make up for crappy numbers or because this fight was going to sell? My guess, probably both.

You can make this argument about many current and former champions: BJ Penn and Chuck Liddell are two examples. They are both considered legends and some of the greatest of all time, yet they didn't fight the world's best either and if they did they lost. It's not the fighters fault, it is the landscape of the UFC and the divisions at the time and you just accept it. Guys like GSP and Jones are benefiting from having deep divisions. Cain is about to run into the same issue as guys like BJ, there are not enough good HWs to give him a challenge. But that is just the way it is.
yeah .. its just my opinion .. imo, dana does what's best for the ufc making money, so promoting certain fighters he thinks are going to be lucrative for the ufc is what he is going to do ... look at the last card .. rousy got fotn, which she probably deserved, but he also gave her sub of the night .. it was a good sub, but wasn't anything special ... jim miller imo, subbing a bjj black belt again was more impressive ... but now dana can say she is a sub of the night and fight of the night winner, just to give the women's division more promotion
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