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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
I'd have to look into that, I didn't follow the UFC through most of Matt's reign.
"Reigns" Plural...Matt Hughes had Two Reigns, GSP also had two reigns

But BJ Penn and Anderson Silva couldnt bounce back.

Plus...not meaning to be funny...but lets see where they all are now...

BJ Penn...still dithering on whether he's retired, or really retired, a bit like he dithered over whether he wanted to be welterweight champion, or lightweight champion, or both, at once

Anderson Silva...Those who live by the sword...well..he was fast-tracked, prooved his worth, but then started messing around. He's the only champion who Dana White has refused to personally crown with the belt, he liked to seemingly humilliate his opponent. It didnt end well for him, and he wont be back.

Georges Saint Pierre...too far, too fast, couldnt cope with it. He finished his reign knowing he'd lost when he won, and unable to speak any sence whatsoever. The guy had his mind pickled with pressure

Matt Hughes...Hall of Famer, Executive of The UFC, best online forum for over half a decade. Still physically intact, Still compus Mentus.

Is there ANY comparison?
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