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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I get what you are saying for the most part, I don't totally agree but when does that ever happen?

I don't understand your "script" theory. You make it seem like the UFC picked him and decided that they were going to make him successful. Now if you mean after they saw him wreck Leben and Franklin...I could see why they would want to, but I just don't think they would do this (I could be wrong though).

I went and looked back and Anderson was never a huge "betting" favorite until he fought James Irvin (There was no data for Leben, Franklin 1, or Lutter).

Based on these and provided that casino sportsbooks offered comparable, it wouldn't seem that everyone thought he was fighting complete cans.

I'm not buying into the hype that you believe that the UFC is trying to promote on Anderson Silva. I am looking at what he has done and how he has done it. I am looking at it from a P4P view. Anderson in his prime with his skills could beat anyone in the world, that is what I believe. It is all subjective and you disagreeing is cool. I just want you to see where I am coming from and we can still disagree. I would be willing to bet that RNC would think the same about GSP too and you possibly about Jon Jones now or in the near future. But it isn't the UFC's hype machine that makes me feel this way, it is Anderson's style and skills that make me believe it.
no man .. imo, they were definitely over promoting anderson ... and now it will all be about jon jones .. and rousy ... guys like gsp, brock didn't need the promotion .. the ppv numbers are awful this year and i think gsp walked away because he felt he was a bit slighted by the ufc, particularly dana .. lets see how many ppv's hendricks or lawler sell ...

and i agree with vizion ... anderson, yes he fought the guys who were placed in front of him, and they may not be cans, but they weren't world beaters ... i think the only person on the top 10 p4p list he fought was chael .... and rich
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