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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
Did you not read what I said? He fought the best that the UFC had. I never said in the world, they were likely tied up to contracts in other organizations, this is a business also. It's not Anderson's fault that they didn't have the best fighters.
I never said you did say that. The UFC says that. They make the claim that Anderson is the best MMA fighter in the history of the world. Their qualifications, their script. Am I false?

Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
He fought who they asked him to 2 weight classes. And he beat the former LHW champ, oh wait he was a can right (amazing that a crappy fighter can win a championship)?
Forrest was scripted to lose that fight. I know the UFC was hoping for a better scrap, but Forrest lost his motivation long before that fight and they knew it, so they gave Anderson Forrest, very far from the best, so going up to LHW to fight 3 stooges near the bottom of the ladder proved very little.

Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
If there is such a conspiracy and fighters being gifted fights, then quit watching. I love the sport, but I get that it is a business also and they are in it to make money (hence why Lesnar got a title shot).
I don't think all fighters are given cans. I agree with my boy Jon Jones in that he has had to take serious fights, and many others have had to as well. But you're buying into the HYPE the UFC is selling about Anderson Silva, maybe your love for MMA has clouded your vision here. The claims they make are WITHOUT merit about this guy. He hasn't beaten the best. He's beaten the guys and the cans they gave him TO beat.

First fight out they put him against Chris Leben...who is, was and always will be an "eh" fighter. AS wins, I'll give him that, but that moved him to the #1 MW spot? I don't think that was a gift so much as a be it.

Second fight he gets Rich Franklin for a title shot...Ok, same deal, but Rich was an awesome fighter and for some reason he was 1-dimensional in that fight and was clinched up by AS.

Third fight TUF season 4 winner Travis Lutter...a season of crappy fighters who were thrown out of the UFC, then brought back for a shot at redemption. This was Anderson's first "gift" from the UFC. Even still Lutter had a good showing overall, he just gassed, yet the UFC toted AS as "unstoppable" at this point bc of this fight. The script began with this fight.

Fourth fight Marquardt - OK, he proved himself legitimate again like with Franklin. The script gets its first real merit.

Fifth fight Franklin again, and again the same result. The script get Richer. There is talk about deification now.

Sixth fight Hendo - OK, though Hendo wasn't the machine of invincibility the script wrote him out to be, but the script paints a different picture.

Seventh-Tenth fights - all of these guys were gifts for Anderson, and the 2 title shots in there were a joke to say the least. None of those fighters are with the UFC anymore. Per the script you'd think everyone of those fighters were top 3 in the world, once again cementing how indestructible and legendary AS was, is and always will be.

Eleventh fight Meia - I wouldn't say Meia was a total can, but AS clowned him the whole time and the fight was a farce. AS proved himself brilliant at playing mind games with his opponents. The script gets better because they can show the pyscological aspects of AS game.

Twelfth fight Chael 1 - AS gets dominated 4.5 rounds by Chael with his 1 dimensional strategy, and then Chael (much like Anderson with Weidmann ) fails himself and loses the himself. Of course, the psycological aspect gets blotted out of the script in this fight since Chael didn't succumb to any fear. Of course, AS was "injured" before the fight and the UFC was just fine with those excuses. Coming from anyone else would have gotten them practically cut from the UFC.

Thirteenth fight Vitor - I'll give him that one. Vitor however, had only beaten Franklin at this point in the UFC, and Franklin had been up and down against OK fighters for the most part since losing to AS. So, how legitimate was the victory? The last 3 Vitor victories before that fight were outside of the UFC against nobodies.

Fourteenth fight Okami - an obligatory title shot much the same as Cote and Leites, and those guys were gifts, so Okami was also another gift and another W, and more legitmacy for the script.

Fifteenth fight Chael 2 - another 1 dimensional fight on Chael's end which cost him, not a gift, but once again like Anderson/Chael 1 - Chael lost that fight on account of himself Of course, that's not part of the script.

Sixteenth fight Bonner - a gift, plain and simple.

The UFC deems this guy "the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time", the "greatest martial artist of all time", and the "most dominant mma fighter of all time", yet, he wasn't dominant in every round of every fight, nor is their sufficient merit to define him undisputably the greatest MMA fighter of all time when his opponents by and large were questionable opponents. Dana White get disgustingly wealthy off of the script he writes and Joe Rogan/Mike Goldberg likewise have become millionaires from reading it to the masses of fans.

I do think for whatever it's worth that AS is the best MW the UFC championship has had, but I don't think AS is the best UFC MW and def not the best the world has to offer. According the script you'd think it would blasphemous to say such things, but I think Chris WM just proved again that AS has holes, can be exposed and can lose. I think Machida, Rashad, Souza and other company would prove the same theory correct if the script would have allowed/or will allow for those matchups. Of course, they can always backpeddle with excuses now should he lose due to his injury and ancient age of 38 years.

Th problem is that the UFC doesn't want that in the script so therefore the script revision must read that AS probably/most likely will have lost both WM fights "to himself" much the same way BJ Penn lost the first Frankie fight "to himself" Still, the dumb masses of sheep fans will believe it.

Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
There are people that think Matt had an easy division when he was champ, your thoughts?
I'd have to look into that, I didn't follow the UFC through most of Matt's reign.

Please consider England in your prayers!

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