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It's highly arguable that anyone of those guys were #1 MW contenders if we want to get real, mayyybe in the UFC, but def not in the world, and yet that's how the UFC spins them. Dana and his posse gave him a slew of easy W's, built up as much hype as they could about those same fighters, and then deified Anderson when he won. It's a script.
Did you not read what I said? He fought the best that the UFC had. I never said in the world, they were likely tied up to contracts in other organizations, this is a business also. It's not Anderson's fault that they didn't have the best fighters. He fought who they asked him to 2 weight classes. And he beat the former LHW champ, oh wait he was a can right (amazing that a crappy fighter can win a championship)?

Fedor wasn't washed up when Hendo beat him? Or, was Fedor ever really tested against the best fighters in the first place? In any event, Anderson dispatching Hendo who had lost to Rampage months earlier wasn't the sensation Rogan and Goldberg made it out to be (per the script).
I don't think Fedor was washed up. Like many fighters that have fought awhile, they get figured out. Fedor could still end a fight with one shot. Same with Hendo, he got figured out and people realize to move away from the right hand.

As for going up in weight - look at the boobs they gifted to him It is a short list that reads like a lousy TMZ episode of "where are they now"?
If there is such a conspiracy and fighters being gifted fights, then quit watching. I love the sport, but I get that it is a business also and they are in it to make money (hence why Lesnar got a title shot).

There are people that think Matt had an easy division when he was champ, your thoughts?
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