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Though it sucked to see AS lose that way I think it was rather fitting almost. He comes out and meditates faciously for 1 minute, wasting everyone's time as though only he is important, and then gets owned and ends up destroying himself and probably ending his own career.

Pride usually proceeds the fall

He's also been deemed the "Greatest Mixed Martial Artist of All Time" by the UFC and his worshipers, and yet, all time is infinite, so it's a nonsequitor to suggest that, and plus, he was "gifted" a lot of tomato cans (Luter, Cote, Thales Leites, Forrest, Bonner, Okami, Irvin, Leben) for at least half of his fights in the UFC. Then, he fights a fairly 1-dimensional Chael twice, and a washed up for the most part Hendo.

Yet, we're told he has "cleaned out the division" and is undeniably the "Greatest MMArtist of all Time".


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