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Originally Posted by flo View Post
rnc hits on a live one!

Good memory, bro.

I don't know, it's probably unfair but I think of him as a carnival side-show.
James Toney was a carnival side show. Brock, IMO, was legit. Sure he didn't like to get hit....who does? Did he deserve his title shot? Probably not, but he got it and made the most of it.

They need Brock back. With no GSP, Anderson, and Cain and Pettis out for at least half of the year it is going to be hard to stack cards. Heck, you have two title fights on the Super Bowl card (Aldo/Lamas and Cruz/Barao), then Hendricks/Lawler, followed by Jones/Teixiera. They need Brock back and they need Weidman/Vitor quick!
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