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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki to ref this women's bantamweight championship bout. No glove touch. Just scowl. They come out swinging! Tate ate a good shot. Now Rousey working for a trip. Tate yields a little, but keeps on her feet. They are on fence, and Rousey slamming knees into Tate's thighs. Now Tate is on her back, and Rousey lands big shots. Rousey picks her up and wants to slam, but Tate goes for armbar. Now it's Tate getting top position. Rousey working on a triangle and pounding home fists to Tate, who is keeping her pressure on. Tate battling through the triangle attempt. For now anyway. Rousey rotating and trying to get a better purchase. And now Tate pops up and they swing! Big punches landing! Tate at first, and then she lands a big one on Rousey! Straight right. Rousey takes Tate back down and goes to work. Hammerfists, and Tate reverses! Rousey somersaults back up. And now Rousey with another take down as the crowd chants "MIESHA!" They are back up. Great first round. Back-and-forth action. Tate with blood coming out of her nose. And she will survive. Tate becomes the first fighter to reach the second round with Rousey.

Round 2:
Tate smiling as we start the second. And they meet at center and throw wild again. Rousey dumps Tate on her back and takes her time wading into guard. She lands a great upkick, and now a couple more. Wow. They stand, and Rousey trips Tate back down violently. Rousey again can't keep Tate down. Yet, no sooner does she get up (smiling) than Rousey grabs her leg and drives her down along the fence. Rousey landing short lefts to Tate's head. Now as Tate stands she throws knees into Tate's thighs. Posting Tate up, and working body shots.

Round 3:
Third round starts with both fighters meeting at center in an exchange, and Rousey pushes Tate to fence. Rousey now controlling the challenger, and she trips Tate down, but Tate rolls and nearly gets reverse.Rousey grabs Tate's leg below the knee and rolls her over. Now she snatches the arm again, this time cleanly and...boom, there it is! Rousey's eighth armbar in as many fights. Tate taps!

UFC 168 official results: Ronda Rousey def. Miesha Tate via submission (armbar) at :58 of R3
Impressive to see the improvement that Ronda's made. Miesha did a much better job than anyone else, but never really looked like she had much for her.
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