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Dennis Siver vs. Manvel Gamburyan

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee for this featherweight fight. After an inconclusive early exchange, Siver scores a takedown. Gamburyan works an armbar from the bottom. Siver scrambles back to his feet. Siver with a low kick as Gamburyan keeps his distance. Gamburyan throws a wheel kick. Gamburyan ducks a Siver right, shoots a double and gets the takedown. He works for a heel hook. Siver switches position. Gamburyan gets back to his feet, but he’s got Siver on his back and throwing punches the whole way. Close round.

Round 2:
Siver walks into a Gamburyan left and then slips. Gamburyan with a takedown. Gamburyan Starts to open up from top position, landing big lefts and rights and opening up a cut over Siver’s right eye. Siver back to his feet. Gamburyan continues to stay far outside to keep away from Siver’s kicks. Siver throws a pair of font kicks and backs Gamburyan into the cage. Gamburyan shoots the double, picks him up and lands the slam. Gamburyan throwing elbows and right hands in the closing seconds.

Round 3:
Odd exchange early as Gamburyan sweeps low for a kick and loses his balance. Siver with a high kick and a low front kick. And another kick which lands decidedly low. Dean calls timeout. Siver gets chastised by Dean and we’re back to action. Gamburyan whiffs on a left hand and Siver scores a takedown. Gamburyan tries to isolate Siver’s left arm, but Siver resists and lands right hands to Gamburyan’s torso. Gamburyan lets go, gets to his feet, but has Siver on his back. He tries to roll out of it, but only ends up back on the mat with Siver still attached. Siver with big lefts and rights. Gamburyan rolls again and Siver works for a choke. 90 seconds left. Gamburyan turns again, but only takes more punishment from Siver, who’s still on his back. Gamburyan’s basically hanging on. Siver throwing left hands in volume, though they’re more pesky than solid. Horn sounds.

Dennis Siver def. Manny Gamburyan via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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