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John Howard vs. Siyar Bahadurzada

Round 1:
Steve Mazzagatti is the referee for this welterweight bout. Lots of movement in the opening minute, but little action. Howard throws a left and Siyar answers with a counter. Howard checks a head kick. Siyar with a right hand. Siyar with a solid two-punch combo. Howard goes for a half-hearted takedown attempt, which Siyar sprawls. Some inconclusive clinch work along the fence. They break and end up in the middle. Howard can't find his range on his overhand rights. Siyar again sprawls a takedown. Siyar with a knee in the clinch, but Howard grabs the knee and turns it into a takedown. Siyar tries to get to his feet with Howard on his back, who tries for a a choke. The both end up standing. Howard again goes for a single, but Siyar breaks free and comes out swinging in the closing seconds.

Round 2:
A bit of a wild slugfest early. Siyar gets a takedown about a minute in. Howard works for an armbar from the bottom. Back to their feet. Howard looking stronger in the clinch, but Siyar breaks free and lands a knee. Howard counters with a right. Siyar opens up with a four-punch combo and Howard covers up. Siyar goes for a takedown, Howard sprawls it and gets a quick standing guillotine. Howard picks Siyar up on his shoulders, fireman carries him halfway across the octagon, and drops him with a huge slam in the closing seconds a la the GOAT, Matt Hughes.

Round 3:
Howard shoots a double and pushes Siyar back into the fence. They break and Howard opens up with a four punches. Siyar looks like he’s hit the wall. But as soon a I say that, I moves forward and throws a knee. They exchange in center octagon. Howard switches levels and scores an easy takedown. Howard with several right hands right on the button. Siyar turns over but Howard’s got his back. It ends up with Howard in position, then into Siyar’s half-guard. Two minutes left. Siyar turns over, Howard is trying to turn it into a choke from Siyar’s back. The round pretty much ends from that position.

John Howard def. Siyar Bahadurzada via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
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