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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
So because you were bitter about one guy, you gave it to someone who didn't deserve it last year. And now, when a win Saturday night would absolutely cement him as FotY, your arbitrary "Only 1 award" rule prevents him from getting it.

In my opinion, the FotY should be like any of the ___ of the Night awards: no one thinks it unfair for Joe Lauzon or Christ Lytle to have 80 billion awards.
It is generally accepted that Benson won all his decision in 2012, but if you dissagree with some of those decision wins, then it wouldnt be pertinent to award his FOTY, that would be hypocritical considering one would no doubt have said that they dissagreed with the Judges decision. Weidman had done enough to qualify if one discounted Hendersons gifted decisions.

As for this year...well it depends on what happens this weekend...largely popular opinion appears to still be that Anderson Silva will win, because popular opinion honnestly states that Chris won because Silva was messing around rather then concentrating...another reason why it wouldnt really be right, prior to this rematch, on the basis of the former doubt to give him FOPTY this year.

My MOTC awards are more like the UFCs awards, because they are given out every card for the best on that card, and one can get many...but in a similar way to the UFC hall of fame, there is no need to induct the same fighter more then when judging on the best of the year, its a bit silly to give it to the same person.

The real problem is its slightly prejudice anyway...I mean how does one really judge the criteria for best? most won throughout the year? most retained titles? how many points for a deposition...? it would end up like the UFC rankings...pretty much meaningless and distorted.
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