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Originally Posted by F34R View Post
Cain Velasquez!
He's done a great job, defending his belt twice this year (he won it on Dec 29th, 2012, so just barely missed 3 title wins in a calendar year), but I don't think he's made enough waves. Demetrius Johnson defended his belt 3 times this year, and has looked better every. Single. Time. From the come-back win over John Dodson to the late submission over John Moraga to the vicious KO over Joe B, he's everything you could ever want from a divisional champ. I my opinion, the only way that anyone can snake the FotY title away from him is if Weidman beats Anderson again. To defeat the greatest fighter in MMA history twice in the same year? You can't deny him what he deserves.

(Unless you're Dave & your weird rules/previous grudges are coming back to bite you in the ass! )
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