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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I quite agree

Whilst Chris Weidman did depose Anderson Silva, I already foresore his greatness, and gave him FOTY 2012, so that I could basically snub Benson Henderson who was blessed with one two many decision victories..equally, decisions are why I felt I couldnt give it to Johny Hendricks, we all know he beat GSP...but, technically speaking, he didnt, and that technicality counts...Anthony pettis was another top prospect, but he has already been FOTY in 2010, winning at the close of WEC, and another champion I pretty much foresore. Ricardo Lamas hasnt done quite enough yet for me to be certain enough...and whilst its arguable that Jose Aldo really oughta some time win a FOTY award...he's never quite good enough to shine the brightest on his cards...and THE ONLY WAY to become Fighter Of The Year, is to have been awarded BEST of one of the cards...and I do that for a good reason. With so many tallented young men, I need not just know that they shine bright, but that they have shone brightest on one of the cards. Demetrious Johnson was nominated TWICE this year...two out of the three times he fought, he was the best on his entire card by my calculation...Jose Aldo was nominated once in 2012, and not at all this past year....Johny Hendricks has reached the short list last year, and this theory, even he is doing better then Jose Aldo....So whilst you might expect to see Jose Aldo in my FOTY winners montage...he isnt as of yet, and has bearly featured...maybe this year will be better for him
So because you were bitter about one guy, you gave it to someone who didn't deserve it last year. And now, when a win Saturday night would absolutely cement him as FotY, your arbitrary "Only 1 award" rule prevents him from getting it.

In my opinion, the FotY should be like any of the ___ of the Night awards: no one thinks it unfair for Joe Lauzon or Christ Lytle to have 80 billion awards.
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