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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
Yeah F34R, that's what he has been doing. He has just really bent over backwards trying to make my life easy and pamper me. It's been really sweet. I just can't believe this is our last weekend to be completely just us. My teens come next weekend to have Christmas vacation and then the babies will be here. It'll be very cool to see my husband holding our babies for the first time. I may cry like a little girl...

That's just how I am with my wife, and kids for that matter. Do everything I can to make them happy; even if it doesn't lol.

That drives me to a place that makes me feel so good. Not one of them, wife or kids, should have to do anything for me to try and make me happy. I have God, a wife, and three kids. That's all I need. God lets me do things for them, and for that I'm thankful for.

I hope that sounds right. I'm having some word finding difficulty.
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