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Yeah, Ben. I've met Andrew and I agree that he runs a very clean competition. I still have his cell phone number in my contacts list. I just worry that there are other places that don't and won't teach the kids how much harm can be done by taking the joint locks too far or who let little angry brats in the gym who hurt others on purpose out of anger.

I know the gym that my kids went to in Texas had very specific rules about what kids are allowed to do any mma activities and most were turned away. My son was allowed to participate when he asked because he was able to show restraint and is very even keeled emotionally. They knew he wouldn't go to school and start choking other kids out. He was 11 by then. My daughter had no desire to do any of that. She liked the forms competitions for TKD.

With the twins, hubby and I have discussed what sports we'd want to expose them to and TKD is one we are fine with. Hubby would like to get them into krav maga but that one makes me nervous. He said it will be good for them to be able to defend themselves. So I don't know. If we find a really good program, we may go for it.

As for women, I'm all for women getting to be in sports and compete. I was in the mma classes at the gym and there were definitely guys who wouldn't want to partner with me in class. The instructor would yell at them and tell them that I could likely kick their a$$ so they better step up. Then he'd say that if any of the guys wouldn't partner with anyone the instructor picked regardless of gender, they should leave. I like women getting to compete. I just don't want to watch it on tv PPVs.


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