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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
I worry about the kids in BJJ matches because their joints can still be very loose and the strain of that kind of sport can do long term damage that they'll regret later in life. Now, when you say "kids" are you meaning like 5 years old and up or teens? I'm all for teens (12 and up) who can handle the knowledge and be responsible learning it. Before age 12, I much prefer them learning TKD or boxing with dummies to learn technique. I know some programs are super careful and make sure that when a joint lock is correct, it doesn't get cranked at all. I just worry about the competition when adrenaline runs high and you don't always realize your own strength or the other person's limits.

I was thinking about kids (5-12), not teens (13+). I guess I'm "spoiled", because of how things are run at USGrappling. Andrew (my coach/co-owner of USGrappling) only has 1 or 2 refs that he lets run the kids matches, and they are HYPER-aware of anything that might possibly be dangerous. They talk to all the parents before hand & make a big deal of saying "I have no clue what your kid's flexibility is or his toughness or if he's double-jointed and I will call a match if I think he's in danger, even if he doesn't tap. I'm telling you this now so that you don't get pissed during a match, because I'm not going to let your child be injured on my watch, even if you think they could keep going. I don't want that on my conscience."

It's just adorable seeing a 5yr-old boy & a 6yr-old girl trying to foot sweep each other 'cause it looks like they're dancing in their pajamas.
Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
They didn't specify ages, and of course, kids, like some adults, can "look" younger than their actual age, but the ones I saw appeared to look a bit younger than teens. Ben, my concerns with the kids is what Amy points out about their young bodies, and their judgment.
Yeah, I think there's a ton of responsibility that falls into the lap of the adults running the event, but that's the case in every activity that kids do. Football, little league, swimming, video games, etc.: kids rely on their parents & coaches & referees to make sure that they don't go too far by accident. Our sport might be newer (and therefore not as commonplace), but the challenges of protecting a child from his own inexperience & enthusiasm if the same.

Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Ben, how do you feel about watching women fight? Also, I'm sure their are some women who could beat some men, but I don't want to see men fighting women either.
I like the women's fights! I think they're really talented & can really throw down. Some of them are boring, just like men's fights. Some of them are mismatches, just like men's fights. Some of them don't necessarily belong in the UFC yet, just like men's fights. But then there are a lot of them that are absolutely world class & put on an amazing show for the fans, just like men's fights!

I'll be honest, I'm almost as stoked about Rousey/Tate II Saturday night as I am about Weidman/Silva II. So excited I get to work this event!!
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