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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I agree with your final two picks, Dave. l liked how you cut the music at the end when showing the past winners...nice touch. Also how you went backwards ending with Pat Miletich

He's always exciting to watch.
Well it was hard enough to squeeze them all in on one track...there is music for the FOTY recap...but its just a sort of drum rythm, and so quiet, one can bearly even hear it...Last year I did a similar thing...but I used the tune "See the conquering hero comes" I just fancied a change.

(see the 3.55 mark)

I only began my FOTY in 2010, so everything before that is backdated, I had absolutely no wish to delve back pre this Century because it was sooo far before I was interested in MMA, the people are mere names on the page to me. For me, it literally all started with Patrick Miletich, He was my introduction to MMA, the first bit of footage I ever saw was his championship match with carlos newton....and that was about five years old at the time I saw it. But I became quite interested in his story so to speak, and the group of people he had around him. At the time Matt Hughes was half way through his Second Reign, and the only person who seemed to have anything in the way of an interactive online set up...and that was only just developed, in the fall of 2005, the same time i discovered MMA.

The forum somewhat waylaid me, I suppose, and I never really got to Patrick in the end. But looking back, he kind of represents to me the second generation of fighters, not those who set the whole thing up, a time when the UFC was not Zuffa, which I dont know, but those who founded the modern structure, who laid down the rules, who devised the original weight brackets...of which, the most important, has always been the Welterweight category, and whose camp has owned the division practically dynastically, and looks like its set to continue that trend in 2013.

For me he was a good place to begin, a year dot, so to speak. For me, the UFC before Patrick Miletich as Welterweight Champion, may as well not have ever existed, because I know little about it, and care even less. Whereas everything that has happened since. The rise and fall of Jens Pulver, The founding and continuation of TUF, The return of Jens Pulver, the Rise and Fall of Matt Hughes, The recognition of the Lower Weight Divisions through WEC, The inclusion of Matt Hughes in the hall of fame, and his promotion to the Executive, The collapse of Pride, EliteXC, Strikeforce, and WEC, the rise of Bellator, and now the inclusion of women, the dominace, and of late, fall, of some of the uber champs...and now the probable rise of Robbie Lawler...all of this begins with Patrick Miletich....I guess Pat is my Royce Gracie, so to speak
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