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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
I'm getting to the very end of the twin pregnancy and my husband actually has some real free time this weekend. I'd love to do a surprise date day for him since when the babes arrive, we'll be covered in poo and spit up for several months. We have to be VERY conservative with money and I can't stand or walk for any real length of time. I'm looking for ideas from all you men (and really cool women) to make his weekend memorable. (keep it clean, please.... )

Ideas I've had:
1) picnic-weather is supposed to be really nice this weekend
2) seeing Thor (we both have wanted to see it but haven't had a chance)
3) grilling out for him
4) Challenge him to video games/card games/etc

I need ideas for romance and fun but in a guy way. He's really been very supportive of me and my needs to grow our babies as healthy as possible. It looks like I'll make it full term and deliver by c/section on Jan 3rd. It was iffy there for a while and it's been hard on both of us. There have been many weeks where the only time I've been able to get out of the house is to make it to church. Now that we're near the end of this, I really want to thank him and pamper him with my attention.

Movie and dinner...

Honestly though, if it were me (as the man of course), the time together for me would be to pamper you. That's how it was for my wife and me before she gave birth to our twins on Apr. 10, 2001.

He might be thinking the same thing you are...
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