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Default Fighter Of The Year

Sooo...who would yours be...and why?

I have quite a systematic way of calculating my Fighter of the year. Each event I select who I think is the best fighter on the card, and then at the end of the year I choose from a shortlist of five, drawn from that batch. I always include those who have been selected on more then one event in the year, and anyone else who I feel has done something fantastic.

The one rule I have is that you can only be fighter of the year once...I gave my Fighter of the year in 2012 to Chris I did not give him the award this year for deposing Anderson Silva.

I shall be back after my FOTY video is uploaded and tell you who I have chosen, but I'm interested to see who you would choose.

Oh and its not a mistake that I put this in the UFC section...after all, if one really considers the UFC as the prime market, then the fighter of the year cant possibly be selected from another institution can they? which is why, going all the way back to 2000 backdated from 2010 when I first decided to do wont find Fedor in the list

Here is the list

2000 - Patrick Miletich
2001 - Tito Ortiz
2002 - Jens Pulver
2003 - Randy Couture
2004 - Chuck Liddell
2005 - Matt Hughes
2006 - Rich Franklin
2007 - Georges Saint-Pierre
2008 - Anderson Silva
2009 - BJ Penn
2010 - Anthony Pettis
2011 - Jon Jones
2012 - Chris Weidman

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