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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
hey .. we don't drink maple syrup .. we put it on our canadian bacon (whatever that is) ... we drink beer! and whiskey (from everywhere) and vodka .. and rum ..

oh, and don't worry .. gsp will be back in a year to get his title back .. one or two fights and he'll earn a title shot .. if he doesn't come back .. well, still one of the goats ...

oh, and good to have ya back bro ..
Do you know...what was GSP's contract with the UFC...did he have any fights left or was it completed with the Hendricks fight? I really wish he would have or could have given Hendricks the rematch, the way things went down, it just feels like things were left "untidy".

I like Robbie and Johny and look forward to a great fight.
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