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Originally Posted by Pastor Chris F View Post
Thanks all. We have made it clear that we love her no matter the bad choices she made or will make. Our love for her has no conditions. We told her she can come home whenever she needs to. We are trying to not be THAT type of in law but we will not turn blind eye neither. Her OBGYN told her to stop riding in the car he is driving because he has no business behind a wheel. We are hoping they take his DL away but at the same itme he needs it to keep his job and so we are torn. We just pray she will stay home and let him risk his own life in a car. Thank you all very much for you prayers and thoughts
she really should be careful getting into the car with him .. and if he is going to be driving the kid around when he or she is born, he either needs to smarten up, or she needs to let him know he can't drive either of them ...

you are doing great with this imo, just let her know she always has a place to come home to .. texasrn said it best .. she will probably smarten up, and she will remember how supportive you are ..
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