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Chad Mendes vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1:
"Big" John McCarthy is our referee. Tons of talk between these two guys all week. Lentz opens with a flurry. Mendes cracks Lentz with a massive overhand right. Lentz is on wobbly legs. Lentz just trying to stay alive, and somehow he does so. Mendes backs off as Lentz seems to have regained his senses. Mendes clips Lentz with another right, then changes levels and rips off a power double, landing inside Lentz's guard. Lentz scoots to the cage and works to his feet. Lentz stalks forward winging looping punches but can't connect. Mendes shucks off a takedown attempt and dodges a high kick. Mendes blasts into another takedown. Mendes stands and cracks Lentz with a big one-two on the way up. Mendes immediately muscles Lentz back down to the mat. This round was all Mendes.

Round 2:
Lentz dancing light on his feet. Mendes connects on a low kick. Lentz looks to fire back but misses. Mendes goes low again, and again. Mendes snaps Lentz's head back with a jab then blocks a Lentz high kick. Mendes staying patient, picking his shots. Lentz wades inside and Mendes immediately changes levels for a takedown. He gets it, but quickly stands. Lentz tags Mendes with a straight punch. Lentz looks to follow up and finds himself on his back, with Mendes settled in top position. Mendes seems content to just rest. Lentz kicks Mendes off and stands. Mendes nearly hits flush with a wild right, then muscles Lentz to the canvas with a power double.

Round 3:
Mendes with six takedown already. Sensing the scorecards, Lentz dials up his aggression and stalks forward with punches. Mendes sitting back and throwing single counter shots. Lentz sprawls to defend a takedown attempt, and does so successfully. Mendes is noticeably slowing. Lentz finds a home for his right hook, then switches stances and wades inside with a flurry. Lentz cracks Mendes with a kick to the body. Mendes powers Lentz to the canvas, but Lentz sneak in his butterfly hooks and tosses Mendes off. Lentz goes to the body with knees. Mendes just misses with a flying knee, but uses the moment to sneak in a standing guillotine attempt. Mendes hunts for the finish, winding up in top position after a scramble. Lentz finally escapes the choke and stands. One more exchange sends us off. Mendes doesn't look too happy with his performance, but he undoubtably won.

UFC on FOX 9 results: Chad Mendes def. Nik Lentz via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
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