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Joe Lauzon vs. Mac Danzig

Round 1:
"Big" John McCarthy is our referee. And we're off. Danzig sporting blank white trunks with "Not for Sale" stamped across the back. Lauzon wades forward and secures a takedown, landing in half guard. Lauzon climbs right into mount and hammers down an elbow. Lauzon whirls for an armbar but Danzig defends, ultimately claiming top position. Danzig staying patient. McCarthy wants action. Lauzon throws up an armbar, then switches to an omoplata and uses the sub attempt to stand up. Danzig pins Lauzon against the fence, breaks away for a moment to dig a few punches into Lauzon's body, then ties up again. Again McCarthy calls for action, and right away Lauzon plants Danzig on the canvas. Lauzon dives inside Danzig's guard but can't put together any offense.

Round 2:
Lauzon's corner didn't apply anything to ease the swelling in his face during the break. Strange. Danzig fires off a low kick then clinches. Danzig connects on a short hook, but other than that, very little action here. The Sacramento crowd voices its disinterest. Lauzon breaks away and paws out a few jabs. Danzig clinches again. Lauzon works a few knees, then reverses a trip attempt and winds up in top position. Lauzon splits open Danzig's nose with a big elbow. Blood explodes from Danzig's face. Another elbow by Lauzon. Danzig is a bloody mess. McCarthy asks for action. Lauzon advances into half guard, then stands and dives into side control. Lauzon moves into mount and immediately grasps for an armbar, but it's too late.

Round 3:
Danzig storms forward with his jab. Lauzon fires back a jab of his own. Accidental headbutt briefly stops the action. We're back, and Danzig goes to the body with a flurry. Lauzon blasts Danzig with a standing elbow, then changes levels and dumps him on the canvas, settling in half guard. Lauzon steps over into side control and hunts for a crucifix. Lauzon traps Danzig's right arm and unloads on his face with short elbows. Huge shots here. Lauzon jumps into mount and rips off another salvo of elbows. Lauzon wants the armbar, but he can't get it. Danzig reverses into top position, but it's short lived and Lauzon is back on top. Lauzon moves to side control and cracks a bloodied Danzig with another elbow.

Joe Lauzon def. Mac Danzig via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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