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Bobby Green vs. Pat Healy

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee for this lightweight fight. Lots of feints early before Green gets behind Healy and takes I'm to the mat. They're right back up. Green' staying just out of range and throwing counters. Now Healy's finding his range. Healy stalks Green, gets him against the fence, shoots the double and gets a takedown. Green's right back up. Back out to center. Green inviting Healy to throw and Healy obliges with two-punch combos. Healy landing two for every one that Green throws. Healy gets Green's back and gets a half-hearted slam. Back standing and Healy using some dirty boxing. They break. A back-and-forth flurry ends the round.

Round 2:
Green continues to move in and out. He's landed a solid left and a big right. Green lands a pair of straight lefts and sprawls a takedown attempt. Green lands a big right. Green gets behind Healy, gets him down to one knee, is back up. Back out to center. Two minutes in. Healy finally catches Green, gets a takedown, and has his back. Green throws him head over heels off his back. Back out to center. Green continuing to stay out of range and pop Healy with counters. Healy closes the distance, presses Green up against the cage, and utilizes some dirty boxing. Healy starting to connect. Green with a front kick. Green with a takedown in the closing seconds.

Round 3:
Green lands several counters in the early going, including one to the jaw which momentarily stops Healy in his tracks. They clinch along the fence to a stalemate. Back out to center octagon and Green is playing his avoid-and-counter game again. Healy's nose is cut open and Green is cut under his left eye. Healy gets Green's back, lands a bunch of lefts, but Green again tosses him overboard. More clinch work. Green again circles out to center. Healy connects on a left, Green with a single, but can't finish the TD. Changes it to a double and gets it this time. Healy escapes over the final seconds and lands his biggest flurry of the fight as the round ends.

Bobby Green def. Pat Healy via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

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