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Sam Stout vs. Cody McKenzie

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee for this lightweight fight. McKenzie rushes right into a Stout flurry. McKenzie pulls back, throws a low kick, goes for a takedown, and gets it. Stout does a reasonable job tying him up, although McKenzie does land a sharp elbow. Back to their feet, still clinched, McKenzie chases him across the cage, pursuing a takedown. They're clinched along the fence. McKenzie lands a knee. Two minutes in. McKenzie connects with a straight left. Lands a right to the chin. Stout checks a head kick. Stout with a low kick. Stout throws a wicked body kick, but McKenzie recovers. A combo drops McKenzie. He gets up and eats aright hand to the solar plexus. Stout apparently lands a low blow, but McKenzie continues.

Round 2:
Change of pace in round two as McKenzie has slowed down, causing Stout to pursue him. Stout finally drops him with a right, but gets right back up. This continues for awhile. Stout throws a high kick and a low kick. McKenzie connects with a solid left hand. Stout with a sharp right, then sprawls a takedown. Lack of action in the final minute. Crowd jeers.

Round 3:
Same deal in round three as round two. Stout with a two-punch combo and a low kick. McKenzie appears to basically have mentally given up once Stout rocked him late in the first round. Stout looks like he's having a light sparring session. Cracks him McKenzie with a right hand. McKenzie with a very half-hearted takedown attempt, which Stout quick turns into a choke. Stout releases the hold, and lands a right uppercut on their way back up. Stout continues to pepper McKenzies with punch/kick combos, then get out of range. Final minute. Stout with a right to the stomach. McKenzie shoots a single, gets Stout to the mat, and makes an awkward attempt at a leg lock of some sort.

Sam Stout def. Cody McKenzie via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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