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Abel Trujillo vs. Roger Bowling

Round 1:
John McCarthy is the referee for this lightweight fight. Bowling throws a leg kick and Trujilio responds with a four-punch combo. Trujilio again winging shots, including a right to the face which makes solid contact. Trujilio goes for a takedown, gets it, but Bowling spins out. Back to their feet with Trujilo going for a single. Bowling pulls it to the mat, gets top position, and works for a choke. Briefly standing in the clinch, but Trujiio gets down to his knees. Standing now, Trujilio lands a big knee, and just misses with a flying knee. Bowling answers a leg kick with a right hand. Trujilio wobbles Bowling with a right, lands a left, then two knees. Trujilo shows absolutely no fear in rushing right in for his strikes. Late takedown. Takedown with a minute left, Trujilo in side control and landing knees. Lands a couple big right hands and a knee to the chest as Bowling gets back to his feet. Bowling cut around his left eye.

Round 2:
Bowling connects with a solid leg kick, but the off-balance Trujilo still managed to land a right hand as both tumble to the mat. Trujilo opens up with an absolutely brutal series of left and right hands, lands a knee which looks in real-time like it might have been an illegal shot to the head, but replay shows landed to the body. Bowling is up, but he eats a few more punches and McCarthy waves off the bout.

Abel Trujilio def. Roger Bowling via TKO at 1:35 of round two.
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