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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post

They want to make sure we're nice and helpless when they decide to take away additional freedoms.
I wonder what those would be

I dont like the idea of firearms, but I wouldnt say I feel violated without one.

HOWEVER...I have to tell you, that I DO have reservations about how come we are not allowed to carry things like Tazers or sprays to protect know, non-lethal defence rather then a personal attack alarm which noone cares about.

I have to say that I am not frightened particularly about the fact I dont have guns, but criminals might, in my culture, I dont honnestly think that enough criminals are armed for me to be frightened...I think they might carry knives, or bombs...but I'm not so worried about guns..

HOWEVER, my main objection is that there are some forms of authority in this country that CAN carry firearms. These are all institutionalized of course, I imagine they would be Secret Service, Metropolitan Arms Unit, British Transport Police, or Ministry of Defence Police. I dont like the thought that they are armed, because, actually I have a massive, massive distrust based on corruption in alot of institutions given any special power over citizens. This isnt helpped, when frankly, the Metropolitan Arms Units are definately unsafe in their usage. There was the infamous gunning down of an unarmed civilian on the London Underground, by ununiformed police from that unit, who made an increadible case of mistaken identity, and then lied to cover up their mistake...this same group of people was involved in the killing of a gangleader who was probably unarmed at the time, when one of the police peoples radios was hit by a stray bullet, presumed from the gangleader...only to find it came from one of his own comrades...that sparked a full week of riots up and down the country, violent riots, so bad, there was a consideration to put London under martial law at one point.

Now whilst its never been proven that this degree of idiocy with firearms extends to the others permitted to carry them, its not funny for me to see off duty Ministry of Defence police from Menwith Hill airbase, wandering aimlessly (if you pardon the pun) around the store, with firearms.

Finally...its not just firearms...police, any/all of them are now carrying, and using tazers, and often they have got the wrong person upset, or tazered people who are a little dumb so to speak, and so havent responded to their warnings adequetly.

I dont like that, and its something that I would change about this country...along with bringing back the death penalty
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