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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
There are some revolvers that only hold 5 but most guns have the capacity for more. It's a stupid law that gives much more power to the criminals. They feel very empowered when they know they won't be outgunned by the civilians they're planning to rob.

NJ is already pretty bad with their gun laws, but if they passed a law like that, I would seriously make plans to move. At the very least I'd move to Pennsylvania and have a long commute to work.
Supposing you lived in New York...and New Jersey allowed the firearms in question. Could you not buy a lil pea shooter for yourself in New York and consign all your others to some type of safety deposit box in New Jersey?

I mean...if you have a liscence for them, but they are not allowed in a certain place...all you have to do is make sure your guns are not in that dont need to get rid of them. Merely place them in a jurisdiction where they are

Then if ever things got REALLY could simply go retrive, and ressurect your entire arsenal...?

I mean...that would be legal both Legal storage during times of peace, and Legal use during times of war, if the Government ever outright ban all firearms, permanently, everywhere?

You know...burrying is fine if you can...but we dont all live in the Mid-West now do we
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