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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
NY passed a law banning anything that would hold more than 5 cartridges (bullets). That is the majority of firearms. So now, they're telling everyone in NY that if they have a firearm capable of carrying more than 5, they have to turn it in.

Total bull•••• and a severe violation of the 2nd amendment.
But if you spent money buying something bigger then 5 cartridges, and it was legal when you bought it...then WTF are they going to do...give you a refund for all the money that you've shelled out (pardon the pun )

I can understand them changing the law, to stop anymore being sold...but how can you pass a law that TAKES AWAY WHAT YOU GAVE OUT FROM THOSE YOU'VE ALREADY GIVEN IT OUT TO?

Thats like telling Motorists that they've decided to ban all motorbikes in the city, and you have to go "turn it in"

Never mind your view on firearms, or on the constitution...I dont know how they can even produce a law like that...and I come from a "Common Law" system where the CAN reverse a law...but it comes into effect from the time its done, onwards on 99% of cases.

I would expect the ban only to be upheld by those in the future who want to buy one...not those in the past...they are surely an exception, by the bloody law that gave them that right in the first place
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