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Patrick Miletich says that in New York the Government has already begun to take guns away from their owners...even guns where the people have already got permits for use.

Apparently, they've changed their mind having issued liscences for shotguns...they have now declaired that shotguns are banned

Now I can understand them having a ban on further distribution...I can understand them not allowing everyone to have lisences...but I cant understand how they can change their minds, and then conviscate legally owned property....I mean...that would be like granting planning permission to someone, and having had them built it...and then ten years later tell them that they dont allow extentions anymore, and demanding the addition be removed.

I am not totally sold on firearms...but I dont understand why they seem to be persecuting people for having them now, when they told them earlier it was alright to have them.

if you dont want them, you shouldnt have given them permission in the first place. Now it looks like they are stealing personal possessions of people
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