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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
When our Founding Fathers led the revolution against the British, they weren't attacking civilians in an effort to spread terror throughout the land. The British were the ones doing that. Which is why we were rebelling against them.
That depends on who you ask in 1776 doesnt it.

If you asked anyone from England, they would have told you quite clearly, that the Master can not rebel against the servant. England had legitamate rule, and with that, they can rule exactly as they see fit, after all, the very ground that those collonies were based on was soverign British Soil. It belonged to England. It was a posession of Imperialism.

...and the reason that you were trying to free yourself was not through arbitary attacks by British Authorities...after all...the British Authorities wouldnt have attacked THEIR OWN POPULAS...unless of course, the Collonies had decided that they were going to trade with a nation we were at war with.

I quite suspect that if the US Federal Government, found the State Government of Hawaii was doing arms deals with Bin Ladens associates...that they may well not treat the Hawaiian very kindly.

That was the situation of the British Government...their own Collonies, doing deals with their sworne enemies...and they crying, when the King decided that perhaps they should pay more taxes, and not have representation in it any wonder the British treated you so bad...? WTH would they treat an insubordinate and treacherous group of individuals with anything but contempt??? with Nelson Mandela...The Militia actually won...and thus they get to write their victory version of events. Mandela and Washington have a lot in common...which is why your level of hypocrasy is stunning.

Personally...I see they both did some naughty things...but they both did great good. I am not prepared to cast one into Hell and free the other...I am also not really going to cast them both into Hell, when they had their visions, they did what needed to be done to bring that vision to reality, and then they both left lasting legacies of peacful triumph.

There are VERY few people like Washington and Mandela in History. Both were prepared to risk it all for their vision. People are all talk these days.
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