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Originally Posted by F34R View Post
Man, I was really scared for Pat when I saw the size difference... goodness. I feel bad for him, and glad he's ok.
I'm glad he's ok too. I hope we can say the same for Perosh, he took a beating as well.

Ryan Bader vs. Anthony Perosh

Round 1:
John Sharp is the referee in charge of the action. Both fighters open orthodox. Left hook from Bader stuns Perosh, but he's up and striking. Hard body kick from Bader and the wrestler uses right hands on a fallen Perosh to tag him brutally. An uppercut from Bader is drilling the Australian. Perosh falls over, literally, on a failed takedown attempt and Bader is making him pay. Perosh tries to stand and does as they separate. Jab now from Bader and Perosh is winging shots. Bader ducks under a punch and scores a takedown. Bader lands a flying punch into the guard of Perosh and a crushing right elbow.

Round 2:
Jab for Bader to start the frame. Perosh trying to charge in with punches and Bader takes him to the mat. Bader is punishing Perosh on top with elbows against the fence from half guard. Now a left hand on top and Perosh is all defense here. Bader spends the rest of the round completely controlling position and pounding on the Australian with nearly every kind of strike imaginable. Perosh in nothing but defensive mode.

Round 3:
Bader lands two short left hooks that score and literally uses an underhook to turn Perosh over. Bader on top now picking up where he left off, this time working from side control. Bader is trying to pour it on and somehow Perosh is hanging on, but it's ugly at this point. Perosh is being completely abused.

Sheesh, one judge scored it 30-26. I don't think we'll be seeing Anthony Perosh in the octagon again.

Ryan Bader def. Anthony Perosh via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
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