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Nick Ring vs. Caio Magalhaes

Round 1:
The referee in charge of the action is Cameron Quinn. Ring is southpaw while Magalhaes is orthodox. Inside leg kick for Ring, but the Brazilian responds with a body kick. Ring scores an outside leg kick, but eats a right hand counter for Magalhaes. An eye poke temporarily stops the action, but the bout is quickly re-started. Outside leg kick now for Magalhaes. Ring initiates a 50/50 clinch along the fence, but they separate. Magalhaes shoots a double with no set-up and Ring easily stuffs it. They stay clinched as they stand, however, and Magalhaes is pressuring the Canadian into the fence. Ring secures a Thai clinch and is landing several hard knees to both sides of Magalhaes' body. Two hard elbows from Ring and he's in on a single, which works. Ring wins a takedown scramble and ends up on top, but the Brazilian recovers base and they stand before the end of the round.

Round 2:
Magalhaes shoots from a million miles away and is easily stuffed. Ring tries a counter shot, can't get it, but changes the angle on it perpendicularly and gets it. Ring attempts a cross-body Americana, but can't get it and is reversed. Ring trying to stay active on bottom with a butterfly guard, but moves to full guard. Magalhaes landing some shots on top, but nothing significant. Ring attempting to create space and off balance moments for a sweep, but can't quite get there. Ring is working wrist control for a triangle, but can't quite get it.

Round 3:
Front body kick for Magalhaes as well as an outside leg kick. And another. The fighters trade a number of shots, most of them missing. Two-punch combo scores for Magalhaes and the Brazilian is on top of an exhausted Ring in the Canadian's butterfly guard. Strangely, the ref stands them up, but Ring is trying to finish a double and can't quite get there. And in a scramble, the referee is standing them up. And they're right back where they found themselves before as Ring is in on a shot. Magalhaes moves hip to hip and lands hammerfists as the round ends.

Caio Magalhaes def. Nick Ring (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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