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Default :( Selling my Harley...

I've been deemed unfit to drive a motorcycle due to medical reasons; the brain damage from the accident I was in. Luckily the event that took place saved my life, or someone else.

Short story...
I had a blackout while approaching an intersection in a "one light town", and went right through while my light was red. The truck that was going on the green light barely missed me. When I noticed him beside me waiving his hands to pull over and honking his horn, I pulled over on the shoulder of the road.

I actually thought he liked the bike or something fell off of it. He asked why I ran the red light. I told him that I haven't even gotten into town yet. He pointed behind us and raised his voice "LOOK!!". I see the intersection...

I was extremely confused. The medical part of all this determines that the loud noises from outside traffic triggered an effect from the PTSD, and I'm no longer allowed to ride. Period.

So, sorry about the story, but I did want to explain.

Here is the bike info:

2014 Electra Glide Ultra Classic

Other than adding a LRS 12" light tinted windshield, this is a stock bike, 394 miles.. still looks brand new.

Two-tone Birch White/Midnight Blue
Security (two key fobs)
Communication headset
Side luggage bags (liners)
Rear luggage bag

If you are interested, please PM me here, or email me at jhutto75 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

It's an amazing bike and I love it. I hate that I have to sell it, but I understand why. If anyone has any questions, please reply. Pass this around to anyone that might be interested, it would help me and my family out.

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