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Yeah, it was definitely one of the most intense episodes of the series so far. I felt completely gutted with Hershel's death. The fact that they made it so gruesome was even more traumatic. He was one of the few men-of-faith on television was wasn't portrayed like an idiot, a bigot, or a lunatic.

I thought the Governor got exactly what was coming to him, though. And it was nice to see that more than one person was able to get their licks in before he died.

One of my favorite parts of the episode was when Lizzie saved Tyreese's life by gunning down two of the Governor's invaders. Showing children using guns in anything resembling a positive way is a major television taboo, so I'm glad that the writers aren't afraid to push that envelope. I think having the children talking about how they needed guns to defend their home was completely justified in that situation and even the most adamant anti-gun loon would have a hard time arguing against that.

Of course, there are still a few gnawing questions:

What was the deal with the dissected rat that Tyreese found just before all hell broke loose?

What was in Bob's shoebox that he didn't want Sasha to see? Probably a bottle of alcohol, but that seems too easy of a guess.

Who all made it out in the bus and why did they just drive off and leave so many people behind?

And, most importantly, WHERE'S JUDITH? I definitely don't think she's dead, because she was way too important of a motivating factor in seasons 2 and 3 for them to just kill her offscreen like that. I'm sure somebody took her and I'm betting it's Michonne.
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