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Default Something for TexasRN

OK, I'm carrying the ball for Ben whilst he relaxes at the beach...

I never really click on any of the hardcore or metal music videos Gary LaPlante sends to me via social media, but I'm pretty sure a few of them feature a maniacal devil laughing while open dislocations dance across the screen. Yes, Mike Florio's leg became a heavy metal video last night at Tuff-N-Uff, and somewhere, the moment it happened, Josh Barnett threw up devil horns almost unconsciously.

Look at it. Just, look at it. Or don't? Or do?

It helps to think the bone has a smiley face on the end and it's saying 'Hi.'

~~~~~space left intentionally for the weak-kneed and faint-of-heart~~~~~

Props to Tracy Lee for focusing her lens on such brutality.

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